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The history of the Air Jordans begins in 1984, during a time when Nike was a struggling shoe company. At that time, Nike was known as a running shoe company and their running shoe phenomenon was slowly dying. Looking for a way to reinvent themselves and appeal to a new segment of the market, Nike turned to an NBA rookie named Michael Jordan. Michael was already endorsing several other products, but Nike felt that Michael could help them turn things around. Michael Jordan was hoping to sign with Adidas or Converse since he always loved Adidas and Converse were the shoes that he wore as a basketball player in North Carolina. Converse was not interested since they already had endorsement deals with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson . Adidas was not interested either. Nike's offer did not really interest Michael Jordan, but his agent at the time, David Falk, saw a great opportunity with Nike since Nike was offering to create a brand new line of shoes called Air Jordans.


Air Jordan Shoes have always been part of the Nike family. But in late 1997, Nike decided that the Jordan brand was so strong that it should become a sub-brand of Nike. This new sub-brand of Nike became The Jordan Brand. To celebrate this event, the first Air Jordan from the Jordan Brand was released: The Air Jordan XIII. Along with the Air Jordan XIII Team Air Jordan shoes and Air Jordan Trainers were also released. Shoe from the Jordan Brand do not contain any Nike logos and use the Jumpman symbol as their logo.
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